Jet set slicing from my couch

As I was leaving work yesterday I could help but feel a twinge of jealousy. I have to say, I’m slightly envious of my fellow jet-setting slicers. They are flying away, driving away, getting away. They are going to be long distance slicers for a bit- held close by the long reaching tentacles of the web.

Last year I enjoyed slicing from the sunny sky in a plane. This year I will be slicing under the occasionally sunny sky in my yard. Last year I was slicing on the slightly chilly beach with sand between my toes. This year I suppose I could slice from Maddie’s sandbox in our very chilly backyard. Last year I sliced from my sister’s comfy couch amidst the bouncing of three pieces of my heart. This year I will slice from my own comfy couch, with one bouncer who owns my heart. Last year I sliced on the escalator at the world-famous San Diego zoo. We go to the mall next week, and there will be escalators. So…



15 thoughts on “Jet set slicing from my couch

  1. PERFECT ending….. hilariously anti climatic and so perfectly depicts our mundane stay at home rager of a spring break. I love your comparison and smart sarcasm. I’ll be riding escalators for thrills this break too. 🙂

  2. Love the line ” held close by the long reaching tentacles of the web” The first time I read it, I pictured a spiders web (maybe because Audrey is obsessed with the book and I’m on my 3rd reading of it in 3 weeks) connecting together whatever they touch, then when I read it again I thought of the internet web. I felt that twinge of jealousy also this year.

  3. Love the flip-flopping between last year and this one. Hilarious. If you Slice from Maddie’s sandbox, please take a picture.

    I’m Slicing from my couch, with a feverish and sick Maddie laying next to me. Jealous?

  4. Oh you totally summed up how I’m going to be slicing as well, but you did it in such a funny and witty way. If it makes you feel better, you can come over, and we can slice on my balcony and stare at the unopened pool. Thanks for the smile. 🙂

  5. Mall escalators can be fun! Can’t they? My break is over and yes, I sliced from my couch! Did mange to get one day outside on the porch though! Enjoy your break!

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