Glittering the Cat

There may be a time my daughter goes traipsing by and you notice the specks of glitter that inevitably get stuck to her scalp. If you are a teacher, mother, or generally crafty person, you are aware of the PhD you need to acquire in order to handle said glitter. Lest it take over your life, like it has taken over ours.

Maddie’s fascination has only been compounded this year due to her newest glittery role model : her kindergarten teacher. So of course when she is making books upstairs in her writing space, there needs to be a little bit of glitter here and there. Or everywhere if the mood strikes.

Little did I know that my super fine (crafty people and art teachers know where this is headed) silver glitter accidentally got put in the “open to the child” drawer of craft supplies. You know, the beautiful incandescent super fine glitter that does not really even need glue to hold it on. Some superpower takes over and that stuff sticks to every object, crevice, and nook it can get its glittery paws on.

Which is how I discovered that I truly had become desensitized to the glitter take over in my house.  It took me a while to even notice the very fluffy, very oblivious cat that came walking down the stairs with a big poof of glitter from her head to her tail.

Maddie claims it was an accident. I proposed an intervention to her father. After I picked at the pieces of glitter stuck to his forehead.


14 thoughts on “Glittering the Cat

  1. I love the way you present one of the most prevalent problems of childhood in such an engaging way. I can relate to you piece completely. After an innocent sprinkle of hair glitter last June, we were still seeing sparkles into the fall.

  2. I am not a glitter person, but, just before valentines Day, one of my 4th grade boys asked if I liked glitter glue. Sensing where this was going, I said< "Absolutely." His home made card came bedazzled with glitter.

  3. Your post made me laugh out loud! I remember the days, I had to tell my children that the glitter in the house was “MIA.” Your post made me realize there is never enough glitter to truly capture the moment, or the cat in your situation. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your blog page is so much fun. Loving the fishing line and the moving sea life! Very cool. NOW – to glitter. My daughter also LOVES the stuff. And while she’s a teenager, I have the same issues! Glitter, glitter everywhere. You’re making me know I must blog on my OLW for this year – it fits in with this theme. Thanks for sharing. Your words made me laugh and smile.

  5. I am not a glitter person,so reading this made me feel the tension I would feel in such a situation. But it wasn’t uncomfortable to read because you showed the funny side.

  6. I teach first grade so I totally connect with the frustration and funny side of glitter! Even when we are not using it in the room it just shows up. I use to work at Hallmark. I always came home with glitter on my forehead. My husband said he thought the glitter would go away once I started teaching. Little did he know…

  7. I could not stop reading ( and re-reading) this Slice! I can picture the cat running around all sparkly….your husband too! So funny! Great Slice!

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