Farewell Dearest Winter

“Thank goodness. I can put the gloves away.”

“It’s so exciting to see the green peeking through.”

“Spring is on its way!”

“What a tease! It’s going to be cold again tomorrow?!?”

Meandering through my day and settling in to read some slices, I am constantly confronted with sentiments such as these. I usually smile and nod and allow some sort of murmur to acknowledge that they spoke. That is all I can muster, lest my true feelings dare to emerge. In the circles I run, I would be crucified, tarred and feathered, if you will.

So it’s refreshing to sit behind the safety of the keys and let the thoughts flow uncensored.

I’m looking at the snowflakes on my windows that I refuse to take down. There may or may not be a snowman hanging on the wall. The giant snow pile on the side of the drive is just barely noticeable. It is so depressing. The last remains of my favorite season.  I’m a cold weather gal. Tried and true.

And that is how this slice has turned a corner.  A list lamenting the signs of spring. As my heart longs for winter, here is why this Spring business is for the birds:

1. Well. The birds. Do you know the kind of caterwauling they emit each morning beginning at 2 AM?!

2. It is skunk mating season. Did you know that skunks spray often during this time? My nose knows.

3.  The mud. We are at least 1 1/2 months away from solid green lawns.

4. The cracked windows. All of a sudden every wind chime, squeak of an ungreased vent, and boom boom of a car radio come through loud and clear, reverberating inside my head. Oh, and see #1.

5. Did I mention the birds?

6. Short sleeves. Let’s just say that short sleeves and I have a long contentious relationship.

7. Rain. It rains a lot in the spring. See #3.

As you might be able to guess, my viewpoints are not often accepted as the completely reasonable facts that they are.





5 thoughts on “Farewell Dearest Winter

  1. I love your line “So it’s refreshing to sit behind the safety of the keys and let the thoughts flow uncensored.” Sometimes it’s easier to write things down than to say things aloud — especially if your audience is likely to disagree with you!

  2. I am not a cold girl, but I love this post. I laughed out loud with the birds. They have been chattering out my window with the dawn (and they did all winter). They are louder as the year progresses. Enjoy your last days of cold. Spring will eventually win and winter lose. Here is a poem I wrote about the winter/spring tug-o-war…I am SO glad that spring wins that war…till fall comes around:)


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