No Glitter?!

My peanut, as I’ve written about before, is a glitterati aficionado. If it can hold sparkle, you can be damn sure, if she’s creating it, by God, it will have sparkle. Now, Maddie carries around my aunt’s name, sandwiched between ours. She’s that special- first because we always say so, and then simply due to what a rockin cool bad ass our auntie is.

So naturally my kiddo, with a heart the size of Mt. Everest, wanted to come with to the hospital for the surgery to “remove the ouchies from that girl” (thanks Junie B.) She’s one with a spirit old enough to handle such things but we have no desire to place the weight of this on her shoulders. She’ll have that soon enough, if history is any indication.

So we simply had to create something for Ingi.

“She needs smiles momma.”

So we made smiles with flower heads. Of course we did. And my glitterati girl is so so smart.

Oh and momma, no glitter on these things. You know the doctors love glitter, but the hospital, not so much.”

Wow, I think to myself. We are not using glitter. Okay then.

“Let’s just use the paint with the glitter in it instead. That’ll stick good!”

She just can’t help herself.

flowers for ingi


6 thoughts on “No Glitter?!

  1. What a sweetheart! “‘You know the doctors love glitter, but the hospital, not so much.’” So innocent – so cute! I admire you for trying to protect your little one. There is plenty of pain to deal with as our little people become adults…unfortunately. 😦 Great idea to involve her in a special creation. Many hugs and prayers for whatever you are dealing with.

  2. That is so sweet! What a compassionate little lady. And you are a brave woman for letting her know glitter exists. 🙂

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