Find Your Happy

I was having a rough day. One of those everything goes sideways kind of days. You know you’ve been there. Things go up when they should go down. Right when they should go left. In a circle when it should be straight. So I talk to the one person I can talk to when I’m having one of those days. She will keep me grounded, tell me if I am being reasonable or a real pain in the arse. During a recent keep Kim off the ledge conversation, she told me I needed to find my happy.

It’s as simple and complicated as that. Find your happy.

When I curl up with a great book in the corner of my couch, in a quiet house,
I’ve found my happy.
When I sit eye to eye with a student over their writing and talk, writer to writer,
I’ve found my happy.
When I hear my daughter laboring through a book, so proud of being a reader,
I’ve found my happy.
When I am surrounded by students on the playground, telling me about their adventures,
I’ve found my happy.
When I take a walk on an early, cold, crisp morning, taking in all the silence around me,
I’ve found my happy.
When I’m laying in bed on a weekend morning, quietly catching up with my husband,
I’ve found my happy.
When I’m writing about my quest for finding the happy,
I’ve found my happy.

Now I’ve just got to reach out and grab it, and I dare to ask,

Where is your happy?


12 thoughts on “Find Your Happy

  1. What a lovely post. We have many of the same “happy” things. It sounds like you have a fantastic and supportive friend who gives great advice.

  2. I think I need to write a blog post of my own like this to figure it out. In fact, you have just inspired me to find my happy. Will blog about it in a few minutes. Thanks Kim. I needed this today.

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  4. Great advice, but definitely more difficult that it seems at first. My happy is with my son and book stores. Even better…with my son at a book store.

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