The One and Only

Franklin Roosevelt, Charlize Theron, Chelsea Clinton,  John Lennon, Condoleezza Rice, Harry Potter, Leonardo DaVinci, Gandhi, and Madison Koehler

What do all of these remarkable people have in common? For one, most of them have blazed (or in some cases, are blazing) a trail. Some leaving the world in awe and some bringing the world to a better place. They are all trailblazers of one kind or another.  They also are part of an elite group of peeps. They are card-carrying members of the Only Child Club. I  harbor great faith that my one and only, only, is going to live up to the high accolades set before her by the onlies of this world.

When she grows up and takes this world by storm, as she is certain to do, and if we have been unable to provide her with a little brother or sister, will she look back on her siblingless childhood with a sense of nostalgia? While I am sure that she will have some strands of regret at the lack of other little people in our house growing up, I thought that I might be able to wax poetic about the more favorable points of her being an only.  I would remind her:

She was a steadfastly loyal best friend because she always looked to her best friends as brothers and sisters.

Her closest thing to a sister was her cousin, and they got the best benefits without having to live together.

She was always very good with adults because she spent an awful lot of time with two in particular.

She was also able to cultivate an unbelievable sense of humor because her dad is, in essence, a satirical child in a man’s body.

She was always able to get popcorn and a large icee at the movies and dessert at restaurants.

Speaking of restaurants, she got to go to a multitude, which helped develop a phenomenal palette.

Her holidays might have gone quickly (ever egg hunt with one kid?), but were never downsized to accommodate another.

She developed a stellar, walk up to strangers, small talk repertoire and an easy nature in groups.

She has a collection of childhood mementos in perfect condition (no siblings to destroy or maim them) to share with her own children.

Now I am prepared to have this conversation with her, years down the road. To remind her of the positive aspects of being a member of this elite group.  You know, as we are sitting in her campaign office, celebrating her first book signing, or at her post Oscar party.





6 thoughts on “The One and Only

  1. Kim, I enjoyed taking a peek into the life of an only child. From introduction to conclusion….this slice is clever, and certain to be a favorite of your budding superstar. 🙂 Awesome!

  2. I absolutely love this slice Kim. I don’t know if Howard and I will have another child besides Lily and it’s something that I constantly struggle with, as I don’t know if I’m doing right by her. I actually thought about slicing about numerous times, but I never could get the words out. I really, really love this and it makes me feel ok about my choice – if we do end up having only her. Thank you for that!

    • Thanks Michelle! We struggle with it a lot, but it seems meant to be that she will blaze her trail as an only. You and I can band together with the other parents of onlies, and have our own little support group. lol 🙂

  3. I too, absolutely love this slice Kim! As I read what you would remind Maddie of, I found myself shaking my head and smiling! I couldn’t agree more being one of those “onlys” 🙂

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