Graduation Day

It was a long-awaited day. Graduation Day. The day I graduated from the beastly behemoth that had been covering my right leg for four long weeks. The day I got to wear the slimmer, albeit made of more metal support system.

Now this was a big deal for all the right reasons.

It meant I was getting stronger.
It meant I could ditch the crutches.
It meant my scar tissue was getting under control.
It meant I could bend my knee legally.

All those are the right reasons I should have been excited. But the best most celebratory reason of all:

It meant I could ditch the uniform.

You see, the now stinky stretched out behemoth that previously took up that real estate, required me to wear shorts. I tried leggings but that just made the brace fall down and provide exactly no support, even if I tightened those buckles tight enough to cut off circulation to my leg.

Let me be very clear here. SHORTS. I don’t do SHORTS. EVER. Like NEVER, EVER, NEVER.  The closest anyone gets to seeing my leg is the very bottom of my knee.

When this was realized, I got a ride to the nearest store to get some stupid dumb shorts and discovered on store visit number three that apparently the clothing designers feel that women of any age are suited to wear skin-tight shorty- short shorts.

Ummmm… not true clothing design people!

Let me paint the picture for you. 7 pairs of men’s basketball shorts, and a nice array of t-shirts. Adding insult to injury, I have to wear sneakers. So I had to buy socks. Like, I had three pairs of real socks in my arsenal previously.

This ensemble has been my uniform.

I. Have. Been. Wearing. Shorts.

You can see now that Graduation Day was the best day ever.

Cause this girl is rocking her yoga pants. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. I’m cracking up at “this girl is rocking yoga pants” and I know that you are indeed rocking those pants; I can hear the attitude. Congrats and leaving the stinky metal behemoth contraption behind. Yay!!!

  2. Best day ever! I was so lucky that baggy pants were in style back in the day when I was rocking that huge brace! Congrats on the yoga pants and love the slice!

  3. Love the humor in this post. Sounds like you have had a very tough time and my guess is that wearing shorts was the least of it. A speedy recovery!

  4. Oh sweet heart, Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you and your progress…. You rocked this piece with your typical Kim humor. -)

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