Ditching the Wrenches

There are times when you are so proud of someone you want to grab every person within arm’s reach and let them know how amazing and wonderful things are.

I got dropped off at therapy last week and knew I was heading into the dead zone for communication. The basement where I am tortured rehabbed three times a week is not cell phone friendly. It’s taken some getting used to, the phone being silent for that hour and a half, only to light up like the 4th of July upon reentry. That day was no different. Except we’d been waiting on edge all week. We’d come to the point where it’s time to move on. We’d talked about it endlessly. We’d accepted that the pros of potentially uprooting our lives far outweighed the cons.

When you work somewhere for a long time you settle in. You know the inner workings of things and how they tick. You know all the gears and how they turn. You also know the wrenches that get stuck and need to be worked out. Twelve years put in. The service provided is an impressively long list. The people who appreciate him are also many in number. But the wrenches. The wrenches get stuck. He pulls them out. They get stuck again. Some are so gummed up in the works, there seems to be no hope. Regardless, cutting ties is hard. But maybe a new machine with different wrenches could offer a new perspective.  But hell, that is some scary business! 

So as I am coming up the elevator, and waiting for the emails and texts and word press notifications to start lighting up my phone and bring me back to civilization, I get two text messages.

The first is

They just called and offered me the job!

and the second:

Crap, you don’t have a signal to get this message!!!!! 

I can attest that the leopard print wearing, walker wielding physical therapy cohorts of mine do not appreciate being surprised in such a manner as I may have surprised them.

But I don’t care. I am so proud of him.

9 thoughts on “Ditching the Wrenches

  1. That’s so exciting! For a second I read and thought it was you getting a new job. You just put it so many intimate details about the old one, but then again our husbands jobs are as personal as our own sometimes. I’m thinking you were not only describing the professional machine but hinting at machinery work in general. And I can’t for the life of me remember what he did for a living. If I’m wrong, disregard. Just lovin on the gears imagery hard. Also the phone blowin up like the 4th of July. Hilarious. Congrats!

  2. You built up the suspense well in this piece. I was reading faster to get to the good news. Change is hard, but sometimes necessary. All my best for the coming changes.

  3. If you wanted suspense, you knocked it out of the park! Congrats on whatever this new job is and whom ever got the offer! Great slice!

  4. “…leopard print wearing, walker wielding physical therapy cohorts..” That is the funniest line ever!!! I can just imagine your new buddies! Anyway, congrats to your hubby. Great things will be coming your way, I feel it!!

  5. Congrats to your husband and good luck on the upcoming changes. Hopefully they will all be positive. I agree you did a great job building suspense. 😉

  6. I liked being in the dark without your device and hearing your thoughts. Great way to tell the story and with such a happy ending. Congrats to you and your husband!

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