Pockets of Time

Spring break usually brings a day or two of useless, waste the minutes away, type of days. The types of days when you don’t have to leave the house unless you want to. When you can whimsically make decisions based on your preference of the second. The types of days I don’t often get without careful planning. The type of days that I just can’t get my hands on this week due to a variety of circumstance.

So I’ve been making the most of the pockets of times between “drop off Maddie” and “pick up Maddie.”

Drop off Maddie.
Read some magazines.
Watch a show or two.
Snack on some Ding Dongs.
Pick up Maddie.

Back to life.

Drop off Maddie.
Ignore the dishes.
Put the laundry away.
Start a book.
Enjoy the silence.
Eat some Nerds.
Pick up Maddie.

Back to life.

Drop off Maddie.
Catch up with a friend.
Snuggle with the furball.
Miss Maddie.
Pick up Maddie.

Back to life.

And what a life it is.





3 thoughts on “Pockets of Time

  1. Omg ding dongs! What I wouldn’t give to have a ding dong (or 6, let’s be honest). I love the idea of these “pockets of time”. So simple yet so satisfying. Great slice!

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