Bad Neighbors


I positively can attest that we are not in fact crabby old people who don’t like people.

We are not bad neighbors.

Despite the padlocked gate at the back of our yard.

Despite recently installing a Ring doorbell.

Despite that camera we are currently installing above our garage door.

Despite the gate that is being placed across our driveway as I type.

What we have taken issue with is the incessant thumping of basketballs. That fits in the crabby column for sure.

What we have taken issue with is the nonstop and deafening vulgarity that should not exit a middle schooler’s mouth in the presence of adults or young children.

What we have taken issue with is the total destruction to a flower bed, a bent mailbox, trampled grass, and scratched cars.

What we have taken issue with is the mistrust that permeates the block in spite of attempts to be friendly, outgoing, and respectful while in return all we receive is the bird.

So I can positively attest that we are now in fact crabby young people who don’t like people.

5 thoughts on “Bad Neighbors

  1. Oh Kim, Reading makes my heart sink. I genuinely feel for you. All you can do is what you are doing, in hopes of making things easier. I hope things will improve in the “neighbor” department soon, 😦 You deserve so much better.

  2. So sorry – my sister is dealing with the same issue. New neighbors build a large house over powering the neighborhood and now is doing the same with noise from cars, kids, balls at all times of the day and night. So hard we find people have forgotten what it means to live in a community. Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your honest reflection. I’m sorry you’re having such an unpleasant experience.

  4. Young crabby people who dislike CERTAIN people should’ve been your ending. You don’t dislike all people 🙂 Just those who deserve it. I’m glad you are taking back your personal space!!!!!!

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