Best Part of My Day


I’m back in an office this year. The last time I had an office, I at least spent almost all of my time in classrooms, in the middle of groups of kids. This office carries a lot of heavy stuff. This office is close to the biggest kids and farthest from the little kids. Those big kids, I’m still getting used to them. The middle kids, those are my sweet spot. Until this year. This year, those littles, who I travel to the other side of the school for, are the best part of my day.

I get to greet them with smiling eyes and a joyful good morning as they come traipsing up to me to take their temperature. I get to make them laugh when I ask them if their noses are full of boogers. Some of these littles only know of this pandemic school world. Some of these littles are adjusting to this new pandemic school world. Their kindergarten world was full of discovery play and hands on activities at tables with friends. Things look differently now. And yet, I get to witness their sheer excitement and joy of seeing their teachers and heading into their classrooms.

If I happen over to their side of the building throughout the day and happen to catch a group in the hall, I get little waves and small hellos as they are bouncing about on our blue line markers to ensure social distancing. They are physically distant for sure, but I challenge you to tell me they are socially distant. These kids are making connections from six feet apart, have no doubt. Just listen for the chorus of joyful hellos when a classmate enters the room.

When it is time for dismissal of our youngest littles, I get to ask them about their day. It almost always is a great day. There was that one time when someone was “screwed” as he had lost a glove, but that was not even related to his wonderful day. Just a side note he needed to share. I tell you, walk down the hall between a line of kindergarteners at the end of their day, and you will get an energy boost like none other. They love school. They love their friends. They love their teachers. They love going to the library to get a book. They love seeing their at home friends online.

And I love them. They are the best part of my day.


11 thoughts on “Best Part of My Day

  1. Those littles! They can be the best part of the day! We can’t get hugs these days, but those eye smiles and excitement to see us are truly a gift!

  2. I love your line they are physically distanced but not socially distanced. Despite the pandemic and safety measures in place, I love the excitement, the smiles, the joy! They put me in a better mood and I can still see them smiling from behind their mask!

  3. Oh – thanks for the cry so early this morning. In these last few months of my career there is nothing – NOTHING – that I will miss more than their “sheer excitement” and “joyful hellos”. Energy boost FOR SURE. My favorite line (and it was tied with a dozen, or so) was “They are physically distant for sure, but I challenge you to tell me they are socially distant.” Brilliant and so full of love, Kim. XOXO

  4. It takes a special person to work with the littles. But I work with middle schoolers, and people say that about them too. I was also taken by the line about socially distant. Kids find a way to connect, and it doesn’t matter what age they are. I often wonder what they will all think about this time.

  5. Kudos to you for loving such a unique age! I spent one year herding cats and have no desire to experience that again. I love the things kindergarteners say, and their unique outlook on life. I just couldn’t imagine making that my entire day. 🙂

  6. Such a precious post! I work with high schoolers, and like Leigh Anne said, I’ve always believed it takes a special person to work with littles. You make it sounds truly magical. They’re lucky to have someone like you who appreciates their joy and shine!

  7. I love this slice. I can relate to so much what you have said here. While you are getting use to the big kids (my sweet spot), I´m trying to find my footing with the littes- and man, they sure do know how to worm their way into your heart, don´t they? ❤

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