Operation Get Out the House

We’re pretty sure we are raising either a top-level negotiator or a politician. It is not our intent, although I am certain we are perpetuating it. Spring break is the perfect case in point.

Day One- plans to go to the mall are derailed by the need to rehearse the now famous recital dance. They are further knocked off course by an absolute must do: eating a snack. She knows that she can hold food over our head to get any whim that has crossed her fancy at the moment. We ultimately end up at the mall only when she has exhausted all those whims and is ready to go.

Day Two- Up at 6 am and by 2 pm the plans to hit the grocery store are kaput. First, all the friends need to take a nap and be wrapped individually and sung to. Of course they all like different songs. Then, the food carrot is dangled before me. She eats as if she has never eaten before. Her steely resolve is not even thwarted by my secret power, her kryptonite: milk, and our lack of it at this juncture.  Apparently, now that she is in going into kindergarten she is above drinking milk. We are up to plan L at this point.

Day Three- Up at 6am and out of the house by 8. There might be hope for us. We have a couple of secrets up our sleeves that she has not caught on to yet. At some crossroads in our near future, I am sure she will come wise to our tricks. In the meantime:

I am shopping today. At many stores.
I might watch some real television.
I am eating when I like today.
I am eating what I want today.
I am taking my time today.

Maddie is going to her grandparent’s house.


8 thoughts on “Operation Get Out the House

  1. I love the way you said milk is her kryptonite. This is so true! If my kiddo were to drink white milk (rather than the chocolate milk she ingests daily at breakfast), I would stop everything too.

    Enjoy the day to yourself!

  2. Yeah for Maddie at the grandparents house! She will have a good time and you will get some much deserved me time. How do kids get so good at being top-level negotiators. There must be a class they take when parents aren’t around and the know every trick in the book.

  3. I laughed out loud at the end! Maddie is going for a visit with the grandparents! You’re a smart cookie. Kids are a wonderful joy, but a day off every now and then is a thing of beauty! Enjoy yours!

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