Daddy’s Got it Handled

Can he do it?

It’s Monday. You’ve got this. We love you! Love, Daddy.

Momma is usually the captain of the mornings. All the gotta get out of the house on time tasks are under her domain. But moving around is tough and this is why daddy is home too, to take on some of the load.

Have a great day sweetie. Guess who’s going to win the Scrabble match tonight? Love, Daddy.

I mean you have to get yourself ready, all the requisite things so you don’t look like a crazy loon upon arriving at work.

Happy Wednesday! Can’t wait to see you at the bus stop today. Love you! Love, Daddy. 

Then you’ve got to rise the beast and get the milk and pick out the clothes and get the clothes on and pack the lunch and get the backpack stocked and pick the stuffed friend that hides in said backpack and get the shoes on and get out the door. All without forgetting anything.

Good luck on your test today. You’re going to be awesome! Love, Daddy.

And the little love notes that get folded up and placed in between the juice box and the snack sized bag of three Chips Ahoy cookies. You have to have that.  Every day. Without forgetting.

Happy Dr. Seuss Day! Have a great snowy Friday! Love, Daddy.

I’m pretty sure it’s going fine.

11 thoughts on “Daddy’s Got it Handled

  1. OMG!!! OMG!! OMG!!! Could this BE any sweeter???????????? This is what I call a “huggable” slice. LOL I always knew you were amazing mommy……..and dad, well, sounds like he’s a keeper too. Good job, Daddy!!!

  2. What a sweet Slice! My mother left notes in my lunchbox every day, and I still have some that I cherish! Your children will be so thankful they have such a wonderful father–as I’m sure you are!

  3. This is so sweet. I love how you’ve tucked his notes within the description of the hectic household chores and responsibilities. It felt reassuring to even read.. the whole way through. Such love here!

  4. You’ve often described this man as one who doesn’t like to sit around reading or writing….but wow – he is a beautiful writer, isn’t he?!?! It takes one to know (and appreciate one) and that is what you have done here.

  5. I’d say he’s doing great! I love the structure of this- the way you alternated between the “all the gotta get out of the house on time tasks” and your hubby’s notes. Just perfect!

  6. Awww…I’m sure your daughter loved getting notes from Daddy in her lunchbox this week! I’m sure it’s very difficult for you to not have the mobility to be doing all you normally do. It sounds like you have a great husband, though, who is holding down the fort very well.

  7. Aww that is an adorable slice. I can only imagine how hard it is to let the reins go and have someone else handle your daily routine, but it looks like your husband is doing a great job! Lunch box notes were my favorite as a child. I loved finding them, especially during hard days. Thanks for the peek into your crazy/fun mornings!

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