2016 Poemy Monday, The Second

Settle in,
head hits the pillow,
earplugs in place,
silence reigns.

Dreams paint
a landscape created.
But through the silence
a sound cuts through.

A growling mastiff.
A motor running.
The rumble of a jet engine.
A wounded warthog.

All at decibels
that break through
the barrier of silence.
Sleep interrupted


Heave a sigh worthy
of an Oscar if anyone
were around to hear it.

Looks like another
night on the couch.
In the basement.

Silence reigns 


6 thoughts on “2016 Poemy Monday, The Second

  1. Ohh it’s his snoring!! Your descriptions were awesome, I’m just feeling the time change this morning so I didn’t catch on until Carrie’s comment. Loved it!! And thankful for my quiet sleeper. Thanks for the laugh this morning. 🙂

  2. “Heave a sigh worthy of an Oscar if anyone were around to hear it.”- Love this line. I don’t think there is a sound on Earth that I despise more…

  3. Such great language! Besides the one noted already, there’s they play on words of “break through the barriers of silence” and the escalating improbability of the sounds the noise is compared to.

    My husband has a fairly light, inoffensive snore. After a severe case of strep in December, I’ve become The Snorer in my household. We swap off couch nights. It’s such a sudden, drastic change that I’ve made a doctor’s appointment.

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