The Other Woman


Coffee will always make me smile. The last few weeks our mornings have been a bit hectic with preparing shakes for breakfast and lunch. Due to some not so smart remodeling, our kitchen is left with just one outlet for appliances. In one plug resides the microwave and in the other a battle between the coffee maker and the blender.

With the hustle and bustle of blending and blending and more blending, we haven’t been getting to the coffee. So a stop at the local DD is in order most mornings.

Except most mornings turned into almost every morning. I stopped mentioning to Brian that he didn’t start any coffee before he left. He stopped mentioning that he forgot.

It’s her smile. It’s the sunshine she radiates every morning. It’s her uplifting and cheerful voice that resonates over the drive thru speaker. It’s her asking every morning, most sincerely, “How are you doing today, beautiful?”and caring about my answer.  It’s me driving off with a big smile on my face before I’ve even drunk any of my smile inducing brew. It’s addicting and I keep coming back for more.

I found myself disappointed when Brian would start the coffee before sneaking out the door in the morning. 

The other day we were talking about the giant bag of coffee we have and how it got put in the cabinet because we weren’t using it as much.

“Yeah, well that lady at DD is the best! So I don’t mind stopping,” he tells me.

“Wait. Are you talking about my DD lady?” I said in surprise, a spot of jealousy  in my voice. 

“Tricie? Yeah, she’s just the best,” he sighs.

Yes. Yes, she is.

That’s how my husband and I came to share the other woman. 





11 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. I love this playful piece. It reminds me when you get to know a place so much that you feel like ‘cheating’ when you go to another place.

  2. This was great! It’s amazing how some people can brighten your day like that in just a short amount of time. Sounds like you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!

  3. Isn;t it great when you & a significant other find you have a passion for the same person, place or thing. It sounds like Tricie is as important as the coffee if not more so!

  4. Love this! Isn’t funny how attached we get to baristas. They do make our day with a simple visit. Never considered them as “the other person”. Fabulous!

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