This is Us


Every week I sit down and prepare to shed some tears. I don’t usually watch shows that rip my heart out such as this one does. My life and my family are nothing like this family. But wait.

This is us. Struggling to accept the absence of someone we hold so dear. Someone who is woven into the very fabric of our beings.

This is us. So different from one to the next. Tall, short, wide, thin, sensitive, outgoing, go-getter, stay-backer.

This is us. Strenuously holding steadfast to our pretenses. Secrets that protect what worries our souls.

This is us. Laughing and plucking up memories that would float away if we didn’t keep bringing them back.

This is us. Honestly and relentlessly holding one another up when life is falling down all around us.

This is us. Razzing and poking and prodding someone to pull their sh*t together because we know they can.

This is us. Spread apart from here to there. But always together.

This is us.

this is us


9 thoughts on “This is Us

  1. Oh my God, within the first line I could identify the show you’re describing. My daughter and I were talking about this very thing last night. In fact, this show is so emotional, so heart wrenching, I felt the need to take a brief hiatus …. but we have DVR’d it, so soon I will catch up….. I absolutely love the way you were able to weave this in to your own life and family, and the structure of the slice was perfect. I hope I will be able to write something similar, soon….beautiful.

  2. Isn’t it funny how we think we’re nothing like someone else until we dig a little deeper? We are all so connected. We are all so alike. I guess that’s why shows like “This is Us” are so popular. They depict our lives without us even realizing it! Cool slice – really brings those thoughts and feelings out!

  3. I think that’s why I love this show so very much…because this show IS all of us! It’s life and it’s real and raw and heart-wrenchingly honest. And you’re SO right – I’m pretty sure I’ve cried during every single episode. Love this and thanks so much for sharing!

  4. You’ve captured how this show really is all of us. Isn’t it amazing how a well-written book, show, movie, or play reveals the universal themes that are at the core of us all? Great post!

  5. I had to stop by and read your thoughts on “This Is Us” since you told me you wrote about it, too. Oh, I love your structure and how you connect with the show. It’s just the most amazing show. I can’t imagine how they’re going to end the season.

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