Discarded Memories


This wasn’t the first time we did this. It certainly wasn’t the first time we went through this ordeal. But this time was different. This time cut through my heart. This time was not initiated by me, she was the one that started it.

The baby Minnie Mouse, which was the closest thing she ever got to a baby doll.

The Anna and Elsa trunks that held treasure upon treasure.

Every headband she ever owned, which is the last vestige of the headband, tights, and dress uniform that was hers.

Anything closely resembling any character or reference to Frozen.

The entirety of the Build a Bear collection including all the accessories and clothes. The bed was left for the cat.

Six garbage bags filled with the remnants of discarded childhood memories.

One mom left starting at them, wondering where her little girl flew off to.

A young lady who hugs me at bedtime and says

“But don’t take my polar bear. You know why.”

Yes, I do, peanut. Yes, I do.




7 thoughts on “Discarded Memories

  1. Oh wow… the way you list all the items in phrases, not complete sentences, really adds a punch to this. I can feel your heart sinking as you realize all that your daughter is ready to part with.

  2. Oh my, your baby girl really IS growing up, and I could feel the emotion throughout your slice. So many more firsts yet to come, and I hope you’ll continue to share through your writing. .BTW Your ending was priceless.

  3. Wow. Parting is such sweet sorrow….and so hard on a mother’s heart. And yet, every new season with her is an adventure! Let the adventure continue!

  4. Oh this made me tear up. My little one is only 15 months old and I can’t even stand the idea of him growing up any more! How is it that time, as a parent, goes so much faster?

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